Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans 2015

Directed by Gabriel Clarke, John McKenna Sport

Lavishly illustrated with long-lost motor racing footage and rich in interviews with the veteran drivers who were there, this doco explores the making of Steve McQueen’s ill-fated Hollywood epic, Le Mans.

Aug 02

Penthouse Cinema

Aug 03

Embassy Theatre

Aug 04

Light House Cinema Petone

UK / USA In English
112 minutes DCP


John McKenna


Gabriel Clarke


Matt Smith


Matt Wyllie


Jim Copperthwaite


Steve McQueen
Chad McQueen
Neile Adams McQueen
Derek Bell
Jonathan Williams
David Piper
Siegfried Rauch
Louise Edlind
Hal Hamilton
Michael Keyser
Alan Trustman
John Klawitter
Peter Samuelson
Haig Altounian
Les Sheldon
Mario Iscovich
Craig Relyea
Bob Rosen


Cannes (Cannes Classics) 2014

By the end of the 60s Steve McQueen was amongst Hollywood’s highest paid and most powerful stars – and the coolest dude behind the wheel of any vehicle anywhere.

Motor racing was his passion and he staked all his power and status on Le Mans, a film that would take that passion to the world. He began by embedding his crew in and around the actual race, capturing priceless footage of a quality no documentary team of the day had the equipment or access to achieve.

Keeping financiers happy and organising a dramatic narrative around the racing action turned out to be less his thing. The production became troubled and protracted. The film, which he wanted to be the ultimate racing movie, turned out to be the toughest he had ever made – and his career was never quite the same after its commercial and critical failure. But the racing fans who relish the record Le Mans provides of a bygone era are going to be fascinated by the trove of long-lost big-screen footage British directors Gabriel Clarke and John McKenna have unearthed for this assiduously researched, lavishly illustrated behind-the-scenes exploration of McQueen’s driving obsession.