Everything We Loved Launches NZ Wide This July

Friday 6 June 2014

Everything We Loved Launches NZ Wide This July

The film is a suspenseful psychological drama that displays impressive sleight of hand on the part of first-time writer/director Max Currie, hiding key plot elements in plain sight. With a pair of former magicians for protagonists, played by Sia Trokenheim and Brett Stewart, Currie keeps us utterly intent on unpacking the unstable family dynamics we witness.
“A bold, unusual and thrilling New Zealand drama that marks the arrival of a striking new talent – filmmaker Max Currie.” — Carl Spence, Seattle International Film Festival

The film will premiere in New Zealand on Monday 28 July with screenings in Auckland and Wellington as part of NZIFF 2014. Simultaneously, the film will be available to view on long-haul flights and on the New Zealand Film Commission’s recently launched Films on Demand platform.

Thanks to the VOD platform, NZIFF’s reach now extends right across the country. Even festival fans outside of our 13 towns and cities will be able to share in the excitement of this NZ film premiere.

Watch the trailer for Everything We Loved on the NZIFF film page.

Session times will be available at the time of our programme launch in Auckland and Wellington.

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