Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

The Boy and the World 2013

O menino e o mundo

Directed by Alê Abreu

This wordless, sensuous, uniquely original animated film follows Cuca, a young Brazilian boy who ventures from his simple countryside home into a neon-infused, carnivalesque metropolis in search of his father.

80 minutes Blu-ray

Director, Screenplay, Editor


Fernanda Carvalho
Tita Tessler


Gustavo Kurlat
Ruben Feffer


Crystal Award and Audience Award
Annecy International Animation Festival 2014


Annecy International Animation Festival 2014


Enter the world of Cuca, a small boy growing up in the Brazilian countryside. His quiet life is thrown upside down when his father leaves to work in the neon-infused city, prompting curious Cuca to embark on an adventure to find him. Along the way he uncovers a new modern world dominated by animal-machines and a variety of strange characters. Brazilian artist Alê Abreu has created a nearly wordless, exquisitely rendered, whimsical and touching film which views contemporary society through the eyes of a child. Melding mesmerising sound design with uniquely original animation, its samba and hip-hop score is a perfect match for the playful, vibrant images – in which every frame near explodes with brilliant colour. — Nic Marshall

“The seemingly simple story unveils the conflict between country and city, poor and wealthy, handmade to motorized in such a way that audiences of all ages will experience different levels of the same narrative. Abreu’s film is captivating, keeping attention rapt for its full running time with hardly a line of dialogue all the way to its surprising and emotional finale.” — Seattle International Film Festival


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