Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Killers 2014

Directed by The Mo Brothers

Two deranged serial killers – one from Tokyo, the other from Jakarta – post their violent crimes online in a psychotic battle for notoriety in this slick, violent, but darkly humorous, psycho thriller from Indonesia’s Mo Brothers.

Indonesia / Japan In English, Indonesian and Japanese with English subtitles
137 minutes DCP



Chiba Yoshinori
Timo Tjahjanto
Kimo Stamboel
Nishimura Shinjiro
Ushiyama Takuji


Timo Tjahjanto


Gunnar Nimpuno


Arifin Marhan Japri

Production designers

Saito Satoko
Rico Marpaung

Costume designer

Sawataishi Kazuhiro


Fajar Yuskemal
Aria Prayogi


Kitamura Kazuki (Nomura)
Oka Antara (Bayu)
Takanashi Rin (Hisae)
Luna Maya (Dina)
Ray Sahetapy (Dharma)
Ersya Aurelia (Elly)


Sydney 2014


Timothy Tjahjanto (VHS2, ABCs of Death) and Kimo Stamboel (Macabre) collaborate once again as The Mo Brothers in this slick package of blood-soaked moral dubiousness, exemplified by its tagline ‘Inside us lives a killer’. A tale of two psychopaths pitted against one another, each taking turns to post their exploits online and upping the ante as they egg each other on to ever-lowering depths of depravity. Mr Nomura is a suave serial killer who preys on women in Tokyo, while in Jakarta his proxy partner in crime, cynical journalist Bayu, brutally kills two sadistic robbers and begins to embrace his inner-vigilante. Eventually their paths must cross, but not before extended bouts of who’s-the-biggest-sicko-of-them-all, in this clever, savagely entertaining epic.

“Of course there’s plenty of (realistic) gore and torture here but what really fascinates is the cat-and-mouse game of sorts that develops between the two men, as their unusual online relationship, conducted in English, makes it possible for these two killers to externalize something of their attitudes toward their darkest secrets.” — Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter