Screened as part of Autumn Events 2013

The Queen of Versailles 2012

Directed by Lauren Greenfield

“A succulently entertaining movie that invites you to splash around in the dreams and follies of folks so rich they're the one percent of the one percent.” — Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

104 minutes


Lauren Greenfield, Danielle Renfrew Behrens


Tom Hurwitz


Victor Livingston


Jeff Beal


Jackie Siegel, David Siegel, Virginia Nebel


Sundance, Hot Docs, Karlovy Vary 2012


Directing Award, Documentary, Sundance Film Festival 2012

“Meet Jackie, former Mrs Florida 1993 and current wife of David Siegel, the self-styled king of a vast timeshare empire. She loves her husband, eight children and shopping. A leggy blond teetering on high heels, Jackie is thrilled to show us her work in progress, the largest single-family home in America. Modeled on the palace of Versailles but arguably more lavish, it features 30 bathrooms and a skating rink. At the same time, David is building the largest timeshare property in Las Vegas, selling average citizens a small piece of the good life for just a little money down. Then the financial crisis of 2008 hits. As the threat of losing it all looms, David’s personality undergoes a marked shift… but Jackie soldiers on with a bright smile. One wonders what it will take to wake this queen from her American dream.” — Hot Docs 2012

“Everything about The Queen of Versailles, a documentary both sharply observant and deliciously funny, is jumbo-sized – the riches, the rags, his ego, her breasts, their steroidal pursuit of happiness… Yet, more than a social morality tale, this is a character study, with the title well chosen. The Queen commands our attention throughout, becoming almost a figurehead of the nation’s personality, often ridiculous but always compelling: shallow and shrewd, tough and generous, farcical and fun.” — Rick Groen, Globe and Mail