Films by Language


11 Flowers

Wo 11

Wang Xiaoshuai

An archetypal tale of an 11-year-old village boy’s misadventures illuminates director Wang Xiaoshuai’s moving recollection of his own childhood during the Cultural Revolution. “A stirring evocation of childhood.” — Variety

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Alison Klayman

Ai Weiwei, China’s most famous artist, is one of the ruling party’s most trenchant and charismatic critics – and an astute master of online media. “An essential account of the artist-activist’s rise to international fame.” — The Guardian

People Mountain People Sea

Ren shan ren hai

Cai Shangjun

Inspired by a true-crime story, this bold and unsettling revenge film takes a road trip down the dark by-ways of modern Chinese society. Director Cai Shangjun won the Best Director Award at Venice for this searing vision of moral decay.

The Red House

Alyx Duncan

An intimately observed drama of change in the lives of a deeply attached couple in their 60s caught between his world (an island in the Hauraki Gulf), hers (a city in China), and the world they have made together – their red house in the bush.

Return to Burma

Gui lai de ren

Midi Z

Shot (beautifully) under the censors’ radar, this semi-autobiographical, semi-documentary by a young expatriate Chinese-Burmese director provides a uniquely close encounter with life in Myanmar/Burma.

The Sun Beaten Path

Tai Yang Zong Zai Zuo Bian

Sonthar Gyal

A moving, simple tale of a troubled young man’s spiritual pilgrimage and an old man’s determination to rekindle his will to live.