Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

Viva Riva! 2010

Directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga

This slick, atmospheric thriller is packed with kinetic enery. "The first major motion picture to come out of Congo in decades happens to be one of the best neonoirs from anywhere in recent memory." — Time Out New York

Belgium / DR Congo / France In French, Lingala and Portuguese with English subtitles
98 minutes

Director, Screenplay


Boris Van Gils
Michael Goldberg
Djo Tunda Wa Munga


Antoine Roch


Yves Langlois

Production designer

Philippe Van Herwijnen


Louis Vyncke


Patsha Bay (Riva)
Manie Malone (Nora)
Hoji Fortuna (César)
Màrlene Longange (Commandante)
Diplôme Amekindra (Azor)
Alex Hérabo (J.M.)


Toronto 2010; Berlin 2011


Blazing with torrid sex, mean-ass violence and lurid gangsta fashion choices, this slick, high-octane entertainment from the Democratic Republic of Congo has been both a box office bonanza and the year’s big award winner amongst African films – to the chagrin of those who would take a more sober approach to the fever of corruption gripping every character in view. — BG

Viva Riva! careens through a multitude of tonally varied but coherently staged scenes of our petrol-bandit hero’s brief, vibrant life running from his Angolan ex-boss… and trying to court a local mobster’s gorgeous moll… Lesbian military commanders, Angolan racism, fellatio behind bars, terrific supporting actors as priests, hookers, madams, endless exchanges of money, goods, and sex – the film has the colour and the grime fit for the dozen films it has stolen from… It’s doubtful there’ll be a more fun film at the [Toronto] festival.” — Daniel Kasman,