Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

The Man from Nowhere 2010


Directed by Lee Jeong-beom

This flawless action film features career-making performances by heartthrob Won Bin (Brotherhood, Mother) and Kim Sae-ron as the child he’s trying to protect. Its action sequences will leave you gasping.

South Korea In English, Korean and Mandarin with English subtitles
119 minutes CinemaScope

Director, Screenplay


Lee Tae-hun


Kim Sang-bum

Production designer

Yang Hong-sam

Costume designer

Jang Ju-hee


Shim Hyun-jung


Won Bin (Tae-shik)
Kim Sae-ron (So-mi)
Song Young-chang (Mr Oh)
Kim Hee-won (Man-seok)
Kim Tae-hoon (Chi-gon)
Kim Sung-o (Jong-seok)


Vancouver 2010


South Korea has yet another dominating presence in the action-thriller stakes. Director Lee Jeong-beom’s second film was the box office king of Korea before knocking out festival audiences worldwide. The title character is a humble, mysterious stranger who goes about his business quietly. His only human connection is with a troubled young girl, whose drugged-up stripper mum has pissed off the local gangsters. Sound familiar? Well, put all your prejudices aside and tighten that seatbelt, as nothing will prepare you for how wildly entertaining and terrifically exciting this ride becomes. The relationships between the protagonist and his opponents are further complicated by a cast of heavies so charismatically compelling that when the unavoidable match-up finally occurs and the screen is crimson, you will surprise yourself by standing up in the cinema and letting out an almighty ‘Hell, yeah’. Yes, it’s that fucking good. — AT