Screened as part of NZIFF 2009

The Chaser 2008


Directed by Hong-jin Na

In this utterly riveting, twisting, no-holds-barred thriller, an ex-cop turned pimp races against time to locate one of his girls after she’s kidnapped by a serial killer who’s been terrorising the streets of Seoul.

South Korea In Korean with English subtitles
123 minutes 35mm / CinemaScope

Director, Screenplay


Kim Su-jin
Yoon In-beom


Lee Sung-je


Kim Sun-min

Production designer

Lee Min-bog

Costume designer

Chae Kyung-hwa


Choi Tae-young


Kim Jun-seok
Choi Yong-rock


Kim Yoon-suk (Jung-ho)
Ha Jung-woo (Young-min)
Seo Young-hee (Mi-jin)


Cannes (Midnight Screenings), Pusan 2008; Rotterdam 2009


“Go The Chaser. Writer-director Na Hong-jin's smashing debut thriller vibrates in sympathy with its desperate anti-hero – a disgraced cop turned pimp – racing to rescue one of his girls from a slacker serial killer. Na shows impeccable taste in stealing from genre classics both familiar (Silence of the Lambs) and comparatively obscure (The Silent Partner), but his clenched frustration with urban chaos and police corruption is felt and urgent. The scrambling messiness of the fights and chases juices the tension to almost unbearable levels.” — David Chute, LA Weekly

“Yet another example of how Korean cinema excels at transforming and transcending genre... Halfway through I found myself wondering why Hollywood hasn't bought the rights yet. Oh wait, they have. With Leonardo, no less. Sigh.” — Filmbrain

One of Korean cinema's biggest hits last year, The Chaser took the awards for best picture, director, actor and screenplay at the 2008 Korean Film Awards.