Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

Vexille 2007

Bekushiru: 2077 nippon sakoku

Directed by Sori

State-of-the-art animation and explosive big screen action from the team behind Appleseed. "Anime for the high-def generation." — Empire

Japan In Japanese with English subtitles
109 minutes 35mm / CinemaScope

Director, Editor


Handa Haruka


Paul Oakenfold


Kuroki Meisa
Tanihara Shosuke
Matsuyuki Yasuko
Sakurai Takahiro


Toronto, London, Pusan 2007

The latest CGI blockbuster from the team behind Appleseed ups the ante with its state-of-the-art animation and explosive big screen action, while borrowing liberally from science fiction stalwarts like Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. In the year 2077 Japan has become a mysterious isolationist nation. No outsiders have set foot inside the rogue state for over ten years and a powerful computer-generated shield prevents spying eyes. Suspecting the country of pursuing dangerous experiments in biotechnology, the United Nations despatch Vexille and her crack team of commandos to covertly breach the shields and gather needed intelligence. — MM. "Vexille offers up flawless production design, a Paul Oakenfold soundtrack to rack up the video-game vibe, and enough mayhem to placate even the most jaded fan: this is anime for the high-def generation." — Justin Bower, Empire