Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone 2007

Evangelion shin-geki jo ban

Directed by Masayuki, Anno Hideaki, Tsurumaki Kazuya

Action-packed reboot of the venerable Japanese anime franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. Best Film and Best Director, Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008.

Japan In Japanese with English subtitles
98 minutes 35mm


Anno Hideaki


Fukushi Tohru


Okuda Hiroshi


Sasigu Shiro


Ogata Megumi
Hayashibara Megumi
Mitsuishi Kotono
Yamaguchi Yuriko
Tachiki Fumihiko


Pusan 2007


"Fans waiting a decade for Japanese anime franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion to reboot will have their prayers answered by Evangelion 1.0... Action-packed and swelling with religious and philosophical musings, this is the first chapter in a planned trilogy... The film gets underway with 14-year-old boy Shinji arriving in Tokyo-3, a heavily fortified outpost that's survived ‘Second Impact,' a calamity leaving humankind vulnerable to alien machines referred to as Angels. Last hope for survival rests with government agency NERV and its gigantic Evangelion fighting artillery, a human-mechanical hybrid... The machinery and pyrotechnics do not disappoint...The Evangelions rank in the top bracket of contraptions dreamt up by Japanese animators. The battle scenes deliver everything required, and imaginative touches include the sight of Tokyo-3 retreating from the Earth's surface when danger approaches." — Richard Kuipers, Variety