Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

This Is New Zealand 1969

Directed by Hugh McDonald, David Jordan

Indulge your nostalgia with a stunning restoration of the three-screen film made for Expo 70, along with a lighthearted doco on the event and a swinging pop tourist film from 1970.

58 minutes 35mm / CinemaScope

Directors, Screenplay, Editors


Kel Fowler
Murray Creed
Sam Grau

Assistant photography

Rob Wright

Assistant editor

Patsy Hearfield


Kit Rollings
Ron Skelley
Claude Wickstead

Digital Restoration

Archives New Zealand
Park Road Post


When Britain joined the Common Market in 1969, New Zealand suddenly had to start promoting itself to the world, in order to develop alternative markets for our goods. One of the ways it did so was to take part in Expo 70, in Osaka, Japan. The star attraction at that event was a revolutionary 20-minute film made by the National Film Unit  that introduced viewers to New Zealand in a glorious three-screen (and three-camera) presentation. With highly inventive camera work and editing, it showed everyone where we are, who we are, and – taking advantage of the super-widescreen format – what a spectacularly beautiful land we live in. The film was seen by more than two million people at Expo 70, and by 350,000 more when it returned home afterwards. Hidden from view since that time, this landmark film has been given a stunning restoration by Archives New Zealand and Park Road Post, and it looks – and sounds (now in 5.1 digital) – better than it ever has before.

These two films will screen before This Is New Zealand.

C'mon to New Zealand
NZ 1969, Director/Screenplay: Arthur Everard  Producers: Geoffrey Scott, Ron Bowie. 16 mins
C'mon to New Zealand is a tourist promotion film with a difference. Pop, engaging, and very 1970, it was made by the National Film Unit for Air New Zealand, NAC and the Tourist Hotel Corporation, to promote New Zealand to Australians as a swinging tourist destination. This was the time of cocktails and cigarettes in elegant lounge bars, with plenty of high hair and sideburns. Backpackers' hostels and discount airfares were still many years off.  

This Is Expo
NZ 1970, Director/Screenplay: Hugh McDonald Producers: Ron Bowie, Geoffrey Scott. 22 mins
This short documentary takes a light-hearted look at the trade fair where This Is New Zealand was the major attraction, and puts that film into the context of the event it was made for. It catches the fun and international flavour of the six-month-long occasion, showing some of the entertainment, national day celebrations, and off-duty relaxation of the pavilion staff.