Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

Explorations of Folded Time: Leighton Pierce 2007

Directed by Leighton Pierce

Experimental, impressionistic work of sublime poetic vision from musician-turned-filmmaker Pierce, whose exquisitely wrought film fractions explore the emotional complexities of life.

USA In English
81 minutes Beta-SP


Leighton Pierce's lush meditations focus on memory and imagination. They investigate personal realms from different angles – diary, film and documentary, poetic experiment and impressionist visions of reality – and offer beguiling proof that whole worlds lie within apparently inconsequential small moments. Pierce, a former musician, has been crafting sublime shorts in 16mm, and more recently video, since the 80s. His work has won many awards and been presented at museums and festivals worldwide. I was first thrilled by these exquisitely wrought "fractions of the emotional complexities of life" at Festival Nemo in Paris in 2005, and I'm elated that Pierce has offered us his very latest video, which premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston in May this year, to complete this programme. — Sandra Reid

"Pierce constructs evocative and nuanced soundscapes that open for us a vast world of perception, enhancing the camera's lyrical contemplation of the visual details of his everyday surroundings." — Harvard Film Archive