Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

Audience of One 2007

Directed by Michael Jacobs

Unbelievable true story of Rev Richard Gazowsky, who is convinced God wants him to make a multi-million dollar Christian Star Wars – even though Gazowsky has never watched a single film in his life.

USA In English
88 minutes DigiBeta



Michael Jacobs
Zach Sanders
Matt Woods


Michael Jacobs


Kyle Henry


Jeff Forrest


New Directors/New Films
San Francisco 2007


Special Jury Prize, SXSW Film Festival 2007


This is the unbelievable but true story of Reverend Richard Gazowsky, who one day is convinced that God needs him to create a multi-million dollar science fiction religious movie epic. It is to be called Gravity: The Shadow of Joseph. The only catch: Richard Gazowsky has never even seen a film before. Director Michael Jacobs follows this passionate and focused religious showman, watching as his vision spirals out of control. He firmly believes that no problem is insurmountable, no special effect too special, no creature design too bizarre – he is working for God, and as God told Gazowsky, "You have to dream big". From San Francisco to Italy we watch in awe as the project shudders towards its destiny. Will he pull of a modern miracle and make a Christian Star Wars with heart-warming affirmations about our place in the universe? Maybe, but with each bounced cheque and with shadowy foreign investors whispering in the darkness, it seems like Gazowsky might just need a divine intervention to achieve what could be the "Greatest Movie of All Time" for his audience of one.