Screened as part of NZIFF 2005

The Edukators 2004

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei

Directed by Hans Weingartner

Is it possible to change the world and still have fun? Jan (hot German star Daniel Brühl), Peter and Jule, the anti-capitalist pranksters in this German hit film, say yes!

Austria / Germany In German with English subtitles
123 minutes 35mm



Katharina Held
Hans Weingartner


Matthias Schellenberg
Daniela Knapp


Andreas Wodraschke


Daniel Brühl
Julia Jentsch
Stipe Erceg
Burghart Klaussner


Cannes (In Competition), London 2004; Rotterdam 2005


Is it possible to change the world and still have fun? Jan (hot German star Daniel Brühl) and Peter say yes. They are break-in activists, defusing the security alarms of the rich and entering their homes to cause havoc. Wealthy burghers return from holiday to find their furniture rearranged as hastily improvised art-installation. Edukative notes helpfully point out “You Have Too Much Money”. The anti-capitalist pranksters pride themselves on stealing nothing, which further mystifies their target audience. Starting off as a high-spirited caper in the catchy style of Run Lola Run, The Edukators progressively raises the stakes and keeps us guessing. Peter’s girlfriend Jule has a strong grievance against one of the fat cats and political principles are soon coloured by more personal impulses. The film’s abundant surprises are best left to the film itself, but saying that today’s young rads find themselves at odds with a veteran of 60s radicalism gives some hint of the distinctive flavour of this entertaining, brightly provocative German hit film.

“Daniel Brühl is back, in Hans Weingartner’s The Edukators, a sharp but funny social satire in which he plays a young, idealistic, Berlin-based anti-capitalist. He's made for the part… The Edukators manages to combine political discourse, a love-triangle and a hostage plot without sacrificing its graceful humour.” — Howard Swains, Times Online 

The Edukators is that rare beast, a terrific movie that boasts intelligent wit, expert storytelling, delightful characters, and grown-up dialogue plus suspense and a wicked surprise ending. The Edukators has the fresh breath of originality that makes going to the movies a pleasure.” — Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter