Partner With NZIFF

We can offer you exciting opportunities for partnership at various levels. At NZIFF we understand that valuing and rewarding customers is key to a long relationship. Special NZIFF events for clients will enhance loyalty, whilst promotional campaigns around NZIFF will help attract new customers.

We believe there is great potential to create a bespoke highly integrated campaign. Tell us your needs and we will work with you. Whether it's VIP hosting or onsite activations, we can tailor a package. We offer:

  • An opportunity to be partnered with an internationally renowned and celebrated Arts and Film industry event (with an average of 255,000 admissions per year)
  • A way to connect your brand with our discerning audience and stakeholders across New Zealand
  • A national and international profile

There are many areas of NZIFF that can be engaged to profile your company, your products and your services to the best possible advantage. You can own a premiere, a gala, a series of films, a reception. The list is large and growing. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with NZIFF as a partner, please contact: