Dying 2024


Directed by Matthias Glasner Portraits

This triptych tale of a family in turmoil is equal parts incredibly moving and scabrously funny, Matthias Glasner’s award-winning drama may be called Dying, but it’s really a celebration of the messiness of life.

Aug 08

The Civic

Aug 18

Hollywood Avondale

Germany In German with English subtitles
180 minutes Colour / DCP
Sex scenes, nudity & suicide

Director, Screenplay


Jan Krüger, Ulf Israel, Matthias Glasner


Jakub Bejnarowicz


Heike Gnida

Production Designer

Tamo Kunz

Costume Designer

Sabine Keller


Lorenz Dangel


Lars Eidinger, Corinna Harfouch, Lilith Stangenberg, Ronald Zehrfeld


Berlin, Sydney 2024


Best Screenplay, Berlin International Film Festival 2024


“Unabashedly sporting the most inauspicious of titles, a three-hour running time and a logline that features terminally ill elders and self-destructive descendants, German feature Dying looks like a hard sell on paper. And yet writer-director Matthias Glasner’s crisscrossing family drama manages to be exceedingly funny, often in some of its darkest moments, as well as expectedly sad. Anchored by a nuanced, detailed performance by Lars Eidinger as Tom, an orchestra conductor juggling all manner of personal and professional commitments, and pitch-perfect turns by Corinna Harfouch, Lilith Stangenberg and Ronald Zehrfeld as the rest of his combustible nuclear family, this richly rewards the time investment it requires.” — Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter

“As much about the mess of life as about life’s end, Dying – which tells the stories of three members of the same family in overlapping timescales – is a surprising, shape-shifting modern melodrama held aloft by a string of fine performances. It is given added emotional ballast by a specially composed orchestral piece, whose troubled rehearsal and performance history becomes the story’s existential soul.” — Lee Marshall, Screen Daily