Naughty Little Peeptoe 2000

Directed by Garth Maxwell, Peter Wells Māhutonga

Garth Maxwell's deeply personal ode to friend, fashonista and foot-festishist Doug George who narrates the story of how high heels saved his life. Recently selected by MoMA for its permanent film collection.

Aug 16

ASB Waterfront Theatre

35 minutes Colour / DCP
NZ Classification TBC

Director, Cinematography


Michele Fantl


Matt House


Lisa Morrison


Images Post Limited and Dick Reade Audio


Mark van Kaathoven, Ajay Powell, Craig Osborne, Richard Wong, Paul Ryan, Norman Gonzalez, Greg Eder, James Taylor, Freddy Riddiford, Beren Knox, Robin Burns-Francis, Kylie Pickrang, Avril Stott

Special Appearance

by Taiaroa Royal

Doug George Interview

Debra Daley and Garth Maxwell


Screening as part of the NZIFF 2024 Aotearoa Film Focus Weekend. 

Best known for his cultish debut feature, Jack Be Nimble, as well as prolific work in television across both sides of the Tasman, Garth Maxwell here offers a deeply personal film, co-directed by the late Peter Wells, in Naughty Little Peeptoe. An ode to friend, fashionista and foot-fetishist Doug George, Maxwell along with collaborator Debra Daley recorded the caustic, chaotic narration from George, retelling the story of how high heels saved his life. 

The featurette was recently picked up by MoMA as part of its permanent film collection, with film curator Ron Magliozzi dubbing it a “witty testimony to the durable, liberating spirit of a queer perspective”. Peeptoe will be preceded by a screening of Maxwell’s first ever film Come With Us, a short collaboration with Simon Marler. Matt Bloomfield

“We gratefully acknowledge Doug’s sister Beren Knox for her support in the making of this film.”

Late Night Lounge with Garth Maxwell and Samuel Te Kani will follow and is included in the ticket price - see here for details.