Screened as part of NZIFF 2023

Disco Boy 2023

Directed by Giacomo Abbruzzese Widescreen

Franz Rogowski (Great Freedom, Transit) is thrilling as a foreign legionnaire fighting demons on the battlefront and urges on the dance floor in Giacomo Abbruzzese’s striking debut feature.

Jul 21

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

Jul 24

The Civic

Jul 29

The Bridgeway Cinema

Aug 04

The Civic

France In English, French and Igbo with English subtitles
91 minutes Colour / DCP



Lionel Massol
Pauline Seigland


Hélène Louvart


Giacomo Abbruzzese
Ariane Boukerche
Fabrizio Federico

Production Design

Esther Mysius

Costume Designers

Pauline Jacquard
Marina Monge




Franz Rogowski
Morr Ndiaye
Laetitia Ky


Berlin, New Directors/New Films 2023


Oustanding Artistic Contribution (Hélène Louvart), Berlin International Film Festival 2023


Proudly wearing its Beau Travail influence on its sleeve, Disco Boy explores the identity and trauma of soldiers whose bodies clash in combat – and converge again, at least in spirit and soul, through the catharsis of dance. The always magnetic Franz Rogowski is Aleksei, a Belarusian migrant with vive la France dreams, who quickly makes rank in the Foreign Legion as a path towards citizenship. Dispatched to oil-rich Niger Delta, where militia are fighting colonial exploitation, Aleksei kills out of instinct and is haunted by his actions back in France, where nightclubs are the escape of choice. Moody and unpredictable, with trance-like images and startling use of infrared light, this is a film bursting with poetic intensity. 

“Abbruzzese is wrestling with the profound, frightening topics of identity, colonialism, violence, tribalism and power; and the choice to underline all this with dance and music elevates Disco Boy to something unusual … [Rogowski] has a compelling physical presence, with an incredible gift for being in the moment and paying attention, which means you literally can’t tear your eyes away from Aleksei no matter what he’s doing … The movie leaves an exceptional impression.” — Sarah Manvel, Critic’s Notebook

Screening With This Feature

Cetology 2023

Director, Screenplay


Aaron Watson


Ruby Pledge
Johanna Nyberg Rydström
Isha Bhatnagar-Stewart
Nisha Jollifee
Madison Wade
Shervonne Grierson
Mojtaba Nazari
13 minutes

Scientists recently documented that pods of orca hunt blue whales. Cetology uses this hunt to explore contemporary human brutality at a corporate wellness retreat.

Screening with Disco Boy.