Screened as part of NZIFF 2023

Animation for Kids 8+ 

Square Eyes

Get ready for your annual wintery fix of animated inventiveness from all corners of our big wide world.

Jul 23

The Civic

Jul 30

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket

67 minutes

Let your imagination be inspired by our latest eclectic collection of engaging animated short films, crafted by remarkable international filmmakers with an impressive variety of animated techniques. Curated for the curious, this is terrific viewing for inquisitive kids, budding animators, and indie-animation admiring adults alike. — Nic Marshall

Recommended for ages 8+

Sunflower 2023

4 minutes

When a sunflower like no other decides to buck convention, they discover a whole new perspective.

Mall Stories: Atilla the Grilla 2022


USA In English
7 minutes

Any way you slice and dice this delightful anidoc, the girl-grill-boss and endearing staff of this food court eatery will win your hearts.

Burry Man 2022


UK In English
6 minutes

Defying her father and his traditions, a teenage girl ventures out into the world in search of a mysterious figure who will bring spring to her family land.

Shackle 2023

UK In No Dialogue
10 minutes

Deep in the woods, in an alternative, time-lapsed world, Owl, Mammal and Reptile play out time-old archetypal human conflict.

Polar Bears Boredom 2021


Japan In English and Japanese with English subtitles
7 minutes

Even with an ocean of friends, a polar bear’s gotta bear some boredom sometimes.

The Queen of the Foxes 2022


Switzerland In French with English subtitles
9 minutes

An ode to connection and the power of a great letter.

Sleepy 2022


UK In No Dialogue
1 minute

Hilarious things can happen when sleep catches up with you.

Somni 2023


3 minutes

When it’s time to sleep and we close our eyes, what do we see when we enter the realm of dreams?