Rohe Kōreporepo – The Swamp, the Sacred Place 2021

Directed by Kathleen Gallagher

Sixty kaitiaki swamp guardians throughout Aotearoa replant & re-flood our repo, restoring old intimate relationships with Rohe Kōreporepo, our sacred places.

70 minutes DCP


Kathleen Gallagher


Dave Perry


Gaylene Barnes

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Our swamps are the solution we need to dig us out of the looming environmental disasters humanity faces. We in Aotearoa New Zealand have drained 90% of our swamps in the last 150 years. Swamps and wetlands are wahi tapu sacred places and mahinga kai food gathering places, sustainers of life and home to 40% of the world’s species. They are among the world’s most valuable and bio-diverse ecosystems.

Despite only occupying between 5 - 8% of the earth's land surface, wetlands hold between 20 - 30% of the earth's estimated global soil carbon.
Wetlands provide the best natural defence against devastating floods and storm surges. This film explores the re-flooding, re-creation and restoration of our wetlands by 60 kaitiaki repo/swamp guardians from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. as they restore our old and intimate relationships with Rohe Kōreporepo, our swamps, our sacred places.