Screened as part of NZIFF 2021

Riders of Justice 2020

Retfærdighedens ryttere

Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen

Recently widowed and grieving, army officer Markus (Mads Mikkelsen) proves vengeance is a dish best served bold in this dark — and comic — take on the revenge thriller from Oscar-winning Dane, Anders Thomas Jensen.

Denmark In Danish with English subtitles
116 minutes DCP


Director, Screenplay


Mads Mikkelsen
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Andrea Heick Gadeberg
Lars Brygmann
Nicolas Bro
Gustav Lindh
Roland Møller


Sisse Graum Jørgensen
Sidsel Hybschmann


Kasper Tuxen


Nicolaj Monberg
Anders Albjerg Kristiansen


Jeppe Kaas


Rotterdam 2021


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In a blackly comic revenge tale that could itself be titled Another Round, Mads Mikkelsen is at the centre of another ensemble of outsiders – but here he puts down the bottle and develops an itchy trigger finger.

A Danish army officer returned home following his wife’s death in a tragic train accident, the emotionally detached Markus (Mikkelsen) has his hands full looking after his semi-estranged daughter. That’s until a duo of statisticians turns up at his door, convincing Markus his wife’s death was no accident, but a gang hit on a soon-to-testify witness. Together, they become unorthodox vigilantes to target the men responsible.

Alongside Markus’s talent for combat, his associates each possess a very particular set of skills – probability calculation, hacking, facial recognition – forming a ragtag gang that’s as obsessed with hilarious bickering and one-upmanship as with the increasingly bloody task at hand.

Ambitious in its balance of absurdity and no-nonsense violence, Riders of Justice forges its own frequently hilarious path propelled by an unpredictable narrative and punctuated by laugh-out-loud moments and touching musings on grief and friendship. — Steve Newall 

“Mikkelsen’s first movie after Oscar-winner Another Round restitches itself into another giddy and unexpectedly poignant modern fable about the search for meaning.” — David Ehrlich, Indiewire

“What in other hands – and, let’s be honest, Hollywood – might have been a straightforward revenge thriller becomes a darkly comic meditation on masculinity.” — Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post