Screened as part of NZIFF 2021

Lily Topples the World 2021

Directed by Jeremy Workman

Welcome to the world of 20-year-old Lily Hevesh – the world’s most successful domino artist. See thousands of dominos patiently set up and impressively toppled in this uplifting and inspiring coming of age documentary.

USA In English
91 minutes DCP



Lily Hevesh
Jimmy Fallon


Jeremy Workman
Robert J. Lyons


Jeremy Workman


Jeremy Workman
Michael Lisnet


Meet brilliant Lily Hevesh. Lily delights in creating spellbinding detailed designs with dominoes – temporary art installations that last just long enough to knock down. It’s an interest and talent she discovered at age nine, introducing her Hevesh5 YouTube channel soon after to share her remarkable, colourful kinetic creations. Millions of subscribers, high-profile on-screen appearances, corporate events and various conventions later, Lily is now a shining Gen Z star and one of very few women in the field.

Generous, collaborative and quietly determined, Lily leads her gang of professional domino artists as they work with some of the biggest brands and personalities in the world – from LEGO, Pixar and Marvel to Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Will Smith and YouTuber Casey Neistat.

Director Jeremy Workman allows Lily to gently share her story, revealing her passion, dedication and vulnerability. Lily’s intricate artworks are undeniably incredible feats of both design and engineering, but the more important message she has to share is that each of us can – and should – find the thing that truly ignites and excites us. — NM

Recommended for ages 9+