Screened as part of NZIFF 2020

My Little Sister 2020


Directed by Véronique Reymond, Stéphanie Chuat

A heavyweight drama elevated by two outstanding performers, Lars Eidinger (The Clouds of Sils Maria) joins Nina Hoss (celebrated star of Barbara and Phoenix) as inseparable twins fighting serious illness with their undying passion for the theatre.

Switzerland In English, French and German with English subtitles
99 minutes VOD maximum viewer capacity applies – rent early to avoid disappointment



Ruth Waldburger


Filip Zumbrunn


Myriam Rachmuth

Production designer

Marie-Claude Lang-Brenguier

Costume designer

Anne Van Brée


Christian Garcia


Nina Hoss (Lisa)
Lars Eidinger (Sven)
Marthe Keller (Kathy)
Jens Albinus (Martin)
Thomas Ostermeier (David)


Berlin, Sydney 2020


A brilliant playwright, Lisa (Nina Hoss) no longer writes. She lives in Switzerland with her family but her heart has stayed in Berlin, beating to the rhythm of her twin brother’s heart. The deep ties between the twins have grown even stronger since Sven (Lars Eidinger) was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukaemia, for which Lisa as his twin has naturally provided bone marrow. He’s a famous theatre actor and while he struggles through the aftermath of the transplant, Lisa starts to move heaven and earth to get him back on stage, which she believes is the place where he most truly lives.

She will give her all for her soulmate to the point of obsession; neglecting everything else, even risking her marriage to Martin (Jens Albinus), her children and the relationship with her self-absorbed but well-meaning mother (Marthe Keller, deftly adding a light touch as her twin children struggle with questions of life and death). Hoss and Eidinger seem to revel in the meaty material and deliver nothing less than absolute authenticity and truth from the first dramatic note to the last. — Swiss Films/Marten Rabarts

My Little Sister is the second narrative film from writer/directors Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond… Both working actors, the duo have also worked extensively in documentary over the last decade, and the new film feels the benefits of both those qualifications. This is bright, unaffected naturalism with a fluidly roving camera, but also a generous regard for its ensemble, as befits a film affectionately embedded in the Berlin theater scene.” — Guy Lodge, Variety

About the Filmmakers
Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond are both childhood friends and accomplished actresses. Their award-winning first feature film, The Little Bedroom (2010), premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. Their documentaries include Evening Class for Adults (2005), Buffo, Buten & Howard (2009) and Ladies (2018).