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You Don’t Nomi reminds us that it’s okay to like things with rough edges, that streamlined perfection is overrated and, more than anything, it’s okay to deeply love something that most other people loathe.

Chuck Foster, Film Threat

You Don’t Nomi 2019

Directed by Jeffrey McHale Incredibly Strange

This shameless celebration of Paul Verhoeven’s much-maligned Showgirls explores the film’s complicated afterlife, from disastrous release to cult adoration and extraordinary redemption.

Jul 26

The Roxy Cinema

Jul 28

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Jul 30

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Jul 31

The Roxy Cinema

USA In English
92 minutes DCP
violence, nudity, sex scenes & offensive language



Jeffrey McHale
Ariana Garfinkel
Suzanne Zionts


Mark degli Antoni


David Schmader
Peaches Christ
Adam Nayman
April Kidwell
Haley Mlotek
Jeffery Conway
Matt Baume
Jeffrey Sconce
Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
Susan Wloszczyna


Tribeca 2019


You’re either Team Showgirls, or you’re not. In the brilliantly titled, cleverly devised You Don’t Nomi, a documentary about one of the most ridiculed (and misunderstood) films of all time, director Jeffrey McHale investigates a true “masterpiece of shit” from every conceivable angle.

A Razzie record holder, Showgirls’ tale of Nomi, a sassy small-town gal who goes to Vegas to become a star, was a pure product of the 90s. It was an era of peak-machismo, which saw Verhoeven and writer Joe Eszterhas on a hot streak after the sleazy success of Basic Instinct. When Showgirls tanked, the men got off with a mild drubbing, while the film’s star, Elizabeth Berkley, took the full brunt of its commercial and critical failure, went into hiding, and never fully recovered her career.

Offering a fresh perspective on Berkley’s performance and Showgirls’ legacy, McHale mashes together clips from Verhoeven’s entire oeuvre like a mad celluloid alchemist. Leaving no thong unturned, he not only argues for Showgirls’ inclusion alongside camp classic hall of famers Valley of the Dolls and Mommie Dearest, but that it rightfully belongs on top of that prestigious list. — AT