Meet the NZIFF Interns: Jean Teng, Auckland Intern 2018

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Meet the NZIFF Interns: Jean Teng, Auckland Intern 2018
Jean Teng

How did you score your role at NZIFF?

A friend sent me a DM on Instagram of the advertised role saying, “You should apply for this.” If I was a believer in signs, that surely was one.

What does your role involve?

I help the Comms team by doing things like creating and setting up cinema and library displays, designing targeted Outreach campaigns and sending them (if you got one for French or Japan films – that was me!), assisting at events, helping out with media-related publicity stuff, researching and reaching out to community contacts, and doing a bit of admin here and there.

What are your must-see films during NZIFF 2018?

Angels Wear White, Happy as Lazzaro, Little Woods, Skate Kitchen, New Zealand’s Best and more…

Aside from getting to see loads of films, tell us why you signed up for the gig.

The role includes a lot of things that I love and am interested in – film, marketing, community, people. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about what goes on behind a film festival from great people who know what they’re doing and have tonnes of knowledge.

What’s it like at NZIFF?

The team here are all superwomen and are definitely proactive in getting me involved and engaged, so there’s minimal fidgeting-around. Some of the highlights of my internship include attending screenings and getting sneak previews of the novel-length programme, as well as meeting some talented NZ filmmakers.

What do you do as day job, outside of NZIFF?

I’m a Caption Producer at a not-for-profit organisation called Able, where we make media more accessible. I create and edit the closed captions that you can see on broadcast television (if you choose to turn them on).

Name a few of your favourite films…

Tokyo Story, In the Mood For Love, Clueless, Before Sunrise, La Haine.

What’s your best cinema experience or memory?

My great-aunt taking me to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in a packed-out, kid-filled popcorn-throwing session in Kuala Lumpur in 2001. (I am 98% sure it wasn’t a dream.) I don’t remember much of the film – I was five years old and hadn’t ever heard of Harry Potter, but it must have been what kicked off the love that lasted through my definitive years.

What has your experience at NZIFF taught you?

There’s a lot of little things I’ve picked up, as well as important insights into how a festival works, how important communication is within a small team, and the who and what of the media industry in Auckland.

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