Screened as part of NZIFF 2018

Science Fair 2018

Directed by Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster

Festival Favourite Award winner at Sundance, this immensely engaging doco shares the lively personalities and inspiring projects of nine teenage scientists as they converge at a major international competition in LA. Recommended for audiences 10+

USA In English
90 minutes DCP


Jeffrey Plunkett
Cristina Costantini
Darren Foster


Peter Alton


Tom Maroney
Alejandro Valdes-Rochin


Sundance, SXSW 2018


Festival Favourite, Sundance Film Festival 2018


Square Eyes

“Every year, over 1,700 students from 75 countries compete in the annual International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a highly competitive showcase of the world’s top young scientific minds. Selected from millions of students who qualified through sanctioned events to reach the international competition, these finalists are competing for the coveted top prize that, as one previous winner explains, ‘will change your life in ways you won’t even comprehend.’

Science Fair follows one mentor and nine students from around the world as they prepare their projects and team for the 2017 ISEF event in Los Angeles. Though all are participating for the love of science, we also learn that there are other underlying influences motivating them to pursue their dreams of participating in the competition. Featuring interviews with the charming young scientists, their parents and mentors, as well as past ISEF winners, this absorbing film illuminates a group of amazing young men and women who are on a path to change the world through science.” — Sundance Film Festival

“At a time when [US] politicians pooh-pooh climate change and peddle the fantasy of ‘beautiful, clean coal,’ the best way to make America great again is not by backtracking to old ideals, but by embracing science and progress – and the heroes most likely to carry us forward aren’t necessarily old guys in lab coats (though we’ll need them, too!), but a new generation of science geeks eager to make a difference.” — Peter Debruge, Variety