Screened as part of NZIFF 2016

The Greasy Strangler 2015

Directed by Jim Hosking

Hands down the grossest, weirdest and truly most ‘WTF?’ film screening at NZIFF. A perverted combination of John Waters at his appalling best and the warped comedy of Adult Swim’s Tim & Eric.

93 minutes DCP



Elijah Wood
Ant Timpson
Andy Starke
Josh Waller
Daniel Noah


Jim Hosking
Toby Harvard


Mårten Tedin


Mark Burnett

Production designer

Jason Kisvarday

Costume designer

Christina Blackaller


Andrew Hung


Michael St. Michaels (Big Ronnie)
Sky Elobar (Big Brayden)
Elizabeth De Razzo (Janet)
Gil Gex (Big Paul)
Abdoulaye NGom (Sengalese tourist)
Holland MacFallister (Scandanavian tourist)
Sam Dissanayake (Indian tourist)
Jesse Keen (Big Thaddeus)
Joe David Walters (Oinker)
Sal Koussa (Ricky Prickles)
Carl Solomon (Danny the Crooner)
Dana Haas (Big Heine)


San Francisco 2016


A mind-melting masterpiece of bad taste and infantile humour, Jim Hosking’s riotous debut introduces us to hot-tempered septuagenarian Big Ronnie and his shlubbly but kind-hearted son Brayden, who together run a pathetic ‘disco tour’ around their dilapidated neighbourhood. Big Ronnie likes to tuck into the greasiest meals Brayden can cook up. Greasy breakfast grapefruit, anyone? Meanwhile, a slime-covered killer is roaming the city. Could Ronnie be the dreaded Greasy Strangler? Hint: yes he is! — MM

“A welcome oasis of filth, depravity and shock in a culture that too often thinks merely being a little weird passes muster. The shocks in The Greasy Strangler don’t just come from the avalanche of profanity, flatulence, fetishized cellulite, nauseating food, cartoon violence and close-ups of phalluses (elephantine and microscopic both). The shocks come from the winding plotting, which follows a dream logic that could only float through a diseased stream of consciousness… It carries a playfulness that should inspire glorious, ‘what the fuck?’ huzzahs from the sort of people who wish John Waters would make movies like Desperate Living and Pink Flamingoes again.” — Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian