Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Point and Shoot 2014

Directed by Marshall Curry Champions

The fascinating story of Matthew VanDyke, an American adventure junkie, whose travels across the Middle East led to his joining – and filming – the Libyan revolution. Best Doco, Tribeca Film Festival 2014

USA In Arabic and English with English subtitles
82 minutes DCP

Director, Screenplay, Editor


Marshall Curry
Elizabeth Martin
Matthew VanDyke


Matthew VanDyke
Alan Jacobsen


James Baxter
The National


Matthew VanDyke
Lauren Fischer
Nuri Funas
Ali Mohamed Zwi


Best Documentary
Tribeca Film Festival 2014


Tribeca 2014

American Matthew VanDyke made headlines when he was found by international reporters amongst prisoners of war liberated from a Gaddafi prison. He is the fascinating and very willing subject of this latest study in partisan commitment from the ever astute Marshall Curry (If a Tree Falls). An obsessive self-documenter, VanDyke had long filmed his solo travels throughout the Middle East. He kept his camera turning when he joined his Libyan friends in their revolution. Curry’s film combines this often startling footage with searching interviews with the super-smart and self-aware VanDyke. (His sorely tested mother and girlfriend also appear.) Acknowledging the head-turning impact of Lawrence of Arabia and his pressing need to be the hero of his own life’s story, VanDyke fully abets Curry’s enquiry into the role of the camera in determining – rather than merely recording – the on-screen action. “[It is] as much about self-definition, machismo, technological evolution and photography-as-means-of-immortality as it is about a guy with as much courage as he has tics, demons and crazy fixations.” — John Anderson, Indiewire

Screening With This Feature

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution 2013


USA In English
15 minutes

The subject of the documentary Point and Shoot, Matthew VanDyke, takes us behind the scenes of the Syrian revolution as witnessed by two young Syrians – a rebel commander and a schoolteacher-turned-journalist. Screening with Point and Shoot