Kung Fu Elliot (image 1)

Elliot is an incredibly entertaining and ultimately bizarre documentary about a man chasing a simple dream of becoming the next Chuck Norris.

Adam Patterson, Film Pulse

Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Kung Fu Elliot 2014

Directed by Matthew Bauckman, Jaret Belliveau Incredibly Strange

This surreal Slamdance-winning doco captures two years in the lives of a passionate amateur filmmaker, his supportive girlfriend and their outrageous cast – all trying to realise his dream of martial arts stardom.

Canada In English
88 minutes Blu-ray

Directors, Photography, Screenplay, Editors


David Eberts
Matthew Bauckman
Jaret Belliveau


Elliot Scott
Linda Lum
Blake Zwicker
Blair Bayers
Radafy Ranaivo
Jeremiah Boutilier
Ravee Chen
Glen Koshi
Angela Keating
Hannah Le
Diana Li


Best Documentary
Slamdance Film Festival 2014


Hot Docs 2014


Anyone who’s ever walked out of a Chuck Norris movie and imagined suddenly spin-kicking five make-believe muggers can probably empathise with the dream of stardom chronicled in this offbeat Canadian charmer. Meet one Elliot ‘White Lightning’ Scott. Sheltered from the real world – and the necessity of paid employment – Elliot dreams of being the next Van Damme, after his home movies (They Killed My Cat, Blood Fight) are unleashed upon the world. He relies upon the unwavering support of a motley mob of enablers, all of whom regard his talents with awe. This laugh-out-loud doco follows Blood Fight’s production over two years, recording for posterity Elliot’s blossoming ego as his fame spreads and he uses, abuses and loses a friend or two along the way. But is he the real deal? Does he have the skills to pay the bills? When the doco takes a shift to crazytown in its final third, audiences may not just question Elliot’s sanity but their own perception of Elliot’s reality. A natural successor to American Movie and chock-full of small city Canuck charm, Kung Fu Elliot is a hilarious testament to the ‘never say cut!’ ethos of big dreams shot in lo-fi.