Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Print the Legend 2014

Directed by Luis Lopez, Clay Tweel Framing Reality

“A technology that promises (some would say threatens) to permanently transform our lives gets compelling behind-the-scenes treatment in this skillful overview of the major players in the 3D printing industry.” — Justin Chang, Variety

USA In English
100 minutes DCP

Directors, Photography, Editors


Steven Klein
Seth Gordon
Dan O’Meara
Chad Troutwine


Noah Wall


Bre Pettis
Maxim Lobovsky
Avi Reichental
Cody Wilson
Chris Anderson
David Cranor
Natan Linder
Jenny Lawton


Special Jury Award (Documentary)
SXSW Film Festival 2014


SXSW 2014

The dot matrix was never this entertaining. Fascinating, frenetic and funny, Print the Legend follows US companies fighting it out over five years in the nascent 3D printing market. More than just a primer in an astonishing technology – promising ‘the next industrial revolution’, says one commentator – the story here is one of brilliant, flawed young entrepreneurs, idiosyncrasies and egos, bust-ups and lawsuits, high ideals and commercial compromise. Even – perhaps especially – at this new frontier of desktop manufacturing, technology is subordinate to culture and personalities. At its heart is prototypical start-up guy BrePettis. The MakerBot co-founder, hungry to become the next Steve Jobs, begins committed to independence and an ethos of sharing ideas and designs. By the end, in the eyes at least of his critics, he has sold out in just about every way. This disruptive industry also confronts a dangerous disruption of its own, in the form of Cody Wilson. A charismatic, articulate ‘information anarchist’, he is hell-bent on empowering individuals to exercise their rights through the technology: specifically, by providing instructions for printing handguns at home. — Toby Manhire