Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Land Ho! 2014

Directed by Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz World

Two 70-something buddies take a trip to Iceland in this surprisingly funny road movie. If Iceland’s not already on your bucket list, it will be now – possibly even with these two comedians in tow.

USA In English
96 minutes DCP

Directors, Screenplay


Mynette Louie
Sara Murphy
Christina Jennings


Andrew Reed


Aaron Katz


Keegan Dewitt


Paul Eenhoorn (Colin)
Earl Lynn Nelson (Mitch)


Tribeca 2014


Two ex-brothers-in-law take a holiday in Iceland in this deft, surprisingly plausible comedy of 70-something buddydom. Retired surgeon Mitch (American Earl Lynn Nelson) is the organiser – an obstreperous big kid. Mitch’s observations to and about women identify him instantly to all concerned as a bewildering relic of the Playboy era. Former banker Colin (Australian Paul Eenhoorn) is the organised one – droll, a bit sad, but somehow mindful that Mitch is a more empathetic creature than his party boy façade would have you believe. Eschewing any contrived crisis or sentimentality, Land Ho! taps all the cinematic pleasure you need from recognising that friendship, laughter, travel and a long soak in a hot pool are food for the soul.

“The scenery is spectacular, the women they encounter are all marvellously independent, and Eenhoorn and Nelson make a hilarious, endearingly ribald odd couple. A serious film about loneliness, loss, and aging, it is also filled with joie de vivre from beginning to end (and a very cheeky ending it is). I’m not sure if I laughed more during Land Ho! or The Trip to Italy, which should give you an idea of how wildly witty Stephens and Katz’s film is.” — Amy Taubin, Film Comment

 “Carried along by a pair of actors so inherently likable from the outset… Land Ho! hardly requires a lot of story to set their adventure in motion…. Eenhoorn… makes for an adorably good-intentioned protagonist, while Nelson’s persistent goofiness is an incredible feat… as funny as any young comedic actor today.” — Eric Kohn, Indiewire


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