Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Fish & Cat 2013

Mahi Va Gorbeh

Directed by Shahram Mokri Fresh

Boldly inventive and intricately choreographed, this Iranian one-shot wonder weaves an enigmatic time-warp narrative around a group of characters who have congregated at a lakeside camp.

Iran In Farsi with English subtitles
134 minutes DCP

Director, Screenplay


Sepehr Seyfi


Mahmoud Kalari

Production Designer

Amir Esbati


Christophe Rezai


Babak Karimi (Babak)
Saeed Ebrahimifar (Saeed)
Abed Abest (Parviz)
Ainaz Azarhoush (Maryam)
Mona Ahmadi (Nadia)
Neda Jebraieli (Mina)
Parinaz Tayeb (Maryam)
Samaneh Vafaiee (Ladan)


Busan 2013
New Directors/New Films 2014


Horizons Award (Special Prize)
Venice International Film Festival 2013


"A bold experiment in perpetual motion with an enigmatic time-warp narrative, Fish & Cat plays out as one continuous shot, with the camera moving among a host of characters at a remote forest and a nearby lake. Gradually subverting a gruesome premise drawn from a real-life case of a backwoods restaurant that served human flesh, the film builds an atmosphere of tension as a menacing pair descend on a campsite where a group of college kids have gathered for a kite-flying festival. But as the camera doubles back and criss-crosses between characters in real time, subtle space-time paradoxes suggest that something bigger is going on. Brilliantly sustained, Fish & Cat is further evidence of a new generation of filmmakers emerging in Iran.” — MOMA, New Directors/New Films.

“Filmed in one long, bravura shot by photographer Mahmud Kalari (A Separation), director/writer Shahram Mokri’s highly original second feature combines formal experimentation with a sly sense of humor and a surprising feeling for American genre conventions." — Alissa Simon, Variety