Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Amazonia 3D 2013

Directed by Thierry Ragobert World

Meet the cutest animal in the entire known universe – a young capuchin monkey with impossibly huge eyes and human expressions – on a stunningly photographed 3D adventure into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil / France In Portuguese with English subtitles
79 minutes 3D / DCP



Stéphane Millière
Laurent Baujard
Fabiano Gullane
Caio Gullane
Debora Ivanov
Gabriel Lacerda


Johanne Bernard
Luiz Bolognesi
Louis-Paul Desanges
Luc Marescot
Thierry Ragobert. Based on an original idea by Stéphane Millière and Luc Marescot


Manuel Teran
Gustavo Hadba
Jérôme Bouvier


Nadine Verdier
Thierry Ragobert


Eric Boisteau
Miqueias Motta


Bruno Coulais


Toronto 2013


Shot in ravishing 3D and micro-photography in the Amazon rainforest, this all-ages treat relates the adventures of a young capuchin monkey unexpectedly released from captivity into the jungle. Fending off hunger, thirst and other hungry, thirsty larger animals, he sets out in search of monkey company.

“Of course he survives against all odds… but the way he manages to do so is a thrilling tale… A baby capuchin monkey [is] possibly one of the most expressive, natural child actors on film, and his story is told with a good deal of chattering but not a word of dialogue… All the expected denizens of a tropical rainforest documentary take a bow – jaguars and anacondas and spiders and toucans and anteaters and tree sloths – only here they appear to act, or at least react, to the little monkey as he makes his way through the jungle… Eliminating both sex and violence, the film is eminently suitable to young children who should be entranced but not overly frightened.” — Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

“Director Thierry Ragobert and his team spent two years doing scientific research, working closely with biologists and animal experts to ensure the accuracy and faithfulness of every sequence. Ragobert’s breathtaking footage, featuring a cast of forest animals such as jaguars, crocodiles, kinkajous, boas, and forty capuchin monkeys – plus thousands of plant species and millions of insects serving as background extras – renders this beautiful and incredibly dangerous rainforest absolutely spellbinding.” — Elizabeth Muskala, Toronto International Film Festival 2013


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