Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Into the Void 2014

Directed by Margaret Gordon

Long a mainstay of Christchurch’s underground music scene, Into the Void are ready for their close-up in this lively and eccentric film which documents two plus decades of heavy rocking, hard drinking and artistic endeavour.

70 minutes DCP

Director, Producer


James Ellis
Dave Perry
John Chrisstoffels


Richard Lord


Into the Void


Mark Whyte
Ronnie van Hout
James Greig
Dave Imlay
Jason Greig
Paul Sutherland


World Premiere

Notoriously, ear-splittingly loud, underground Christchurch band Into the Void has been laying down Black Sabbath-inspired riffage for more than 20 years. Margaret Gordon’s lively and eccentric documentary introduces us to the band’s original members: guitarist Jason Greig, sound artist Paul Sutherland, drummer Mark Whyte and vocalist Ronnie van Hout. A bunch of drinking buddies, they formed a band in the late 80s more to alleviate their own boredom than anything else. As graduates from Ilam Arts School they’re all perhaps better known for their work in the fine arts, with van Hout’s satirical conceptual art and Jason Greig’s macabre monoprints being especially well exhibited. Over time the original foursome have been joined by bassist and Galaxy Records owner Dave Imlay and guitarist James Greig (Jason’s cousin), with the band’s numbers shrinking or swelling depending on who’s available at any one time. Since Into the Void primarily exists as a live act, having only released two albums in their two plus decades of existence, this documentary provides welcome record of an important slice of Christchurch’s rich musical history.