Screened as part of NZIFF 2014

Everything Is Possible 2013

Wszystko jest możliwe

Directed by Lidia Duda

This intimate documentary explores the spirit and motivation of 79-year-old Teresa Bancewicz, an intrepid hitchhiker stimulated by her meetings with all manner of people in many different cultures.

Poland In Polish with English subtitles
54 minutes Blu-ray

Director, Screenplay


Krzysztof Kopczyński


Kacper Lisowski


Agnieszka Bojanowska
Jakub Sladkowski


Amsterdam Documentary 2013

At age 62, determined not to subside into old age or depression, Teresa Bancewicz decided she needed to get out of the house. Without the means to embark on any of the conventional senior tours, she started hitchhiking around Europe and beyond. Fifteen years on, she’s still at it several months of the year, travelling solo and clearly enlivened by her encounters with all manner of people in many different cultures. Although they have always shared the same house, she and her husband live virtually separate lives, even when she’s at home. During her travels Teresa has fallen in love with a much younger Greek man, with whom she maintains an impassioned relationship via telephone conversations and occasional visits. Curious to know what makes this game old woman tick, filmmaker Lidia Duda locates many of the answers within Teresa’s unconventional marriage. In voiceover, she and her husband each reflect on their often painful past together, the shifts in their relationship, the assumptions made, and the regrets. Though the tide of their love has long since ebbed, it seems Teresa and her husband would never abandon each other.