Screened as part of NZIFF 2013

You're Next 2011

Directed by Adam Wingard

Taut, tight and consistently funny home invasion thriller. “A refreshingly breathless horror/thriller that feels like the wise-assed love-child of The Big Chill, Murder By Death, and Friday the 13th.” — FEARnet

96 minutes



Keith Calder
Jessica Wu
Simon Barrett
Kim Sherman


Simon Barrett


Andrew Droz Palermo

Production Designer

Thomas S. Hammock

Costume Designer

Emma Potter


Jeffrey A. Pitts


Jasper Justin Lee, Kyle McKinnon, Mads Heidtberg


Sharni Vinson (Erin), Nicholas Tucci (Felix), Wendy Glenn (Zee), A.J. Bowen (Crispian), Joe Swanberg (Drake), Margeret Laney (Kelly), Amy Seimetz (Aimee), Ti West (Tariq), Rob Moran (Paul), Barbara Crampton (Aubrey)


Toronto, Fantastic Fest 2011; San Francisco 2013

From Adam Wingard, the devilish director responsible for indie faves Popskull, A Horrible Way to Die and the freaky anthologies V/H/S and V/H/S/2, comes a very funny and very scary film that has elevated his career to the next level. At first glance You’re Next sounds like the type of horror film you've seen numerous times before but, as The Cabin in the Woods proved, a director can have a hell of a lot of fun with jaded horror fans who think they already know every rhythm and beat of the genre. For the best experience, I highly recommend not watching the trailer or reading any of the great reviews. Bring an unsuspecting date and watch their popcorn fly when the film kicks in. — Ant Timpson “The horror is horrific. The blood laid on thick. Every jump works. And yet this thing is also laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish… Wingard is a director that can kick a mainstream audience’s ass and make them fall in love with the experience.” — Todd Brown, Twitch