Screened as part of NZIFF 2013

Sleepwalk with Me 2012

Directed by Mike Birbiglia

Comedian and diagnosed sleepwalker Mike Birbiglia directs his own self-portrait. “Birbiglia may just be the new Woody Allen... The funniest, most tender, thoughtful and downright brilliant comedy we’ve seen in years.” — GQ

USA In English
82 minutes DCP



Seth Barrish


Ira Glass
Jacob Jaffke


Mike Birbiglia
Ira Glass
Joe Birbiglia
Seth Barrish. Based on the play by Mike Birbiglia


Adam Beckman


Geoffrey Richman

Production designer

Tania Bijlani

Costume designer

Ciera Wells


Rich Bologna
Jesse Flaitz
Jeff Seelye


Andrew Hollander


Mike Birbiglia (Matt)
Lauren Ambrose (Abby)
James Rebhorn (Frank)
Carol Kane (Linda)
Cristin Milioti (Janet)
Aya Cash (Hannah)
Marylouise Burke (Aunt Lucille)
Loudon Wainwright III (Uncle Max)
Ben Levin (Phillip)
Henry Phillips (Henry)
Kristen Schaal (Cynthia)


Sundance, SXSW 2012

Mike Birbiglia’s sneakily ingratiating comedy is rippled with the rueful self-awareness of a comedian who feels just slightly conflicted about nurturing his personal shortcomings for laughs. Birbiglia is also famously dealing with REM behaviour disorder, an affliction causes him to sleepwalk or enact his dreams with potentially damaging consequences.

“Birbiglia has often told the droll, weird particulars of his sleep disorder… He links together his sleep condition with a pitilessly self-aware dramatic demonstration of what it takes to succeed as a stand-up comic… And as he plays a fictional version of himself, he makes a convincing case for why such a fellow might not make the best romantic partner.” — Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“Mike Birbiglia may just be the new Woody Allen. Sleepwalk with Me is the funniest, most tender, thoughtful and downright brilliant comedy we’ve seen in years.” — James Mullinger, GQ