Screened as part of NZIFF 2013

Shadow Lands 

Mysterious landscapes and shadowy figures, both real and imagined, dominate these four impressively ominous short works by New Zealand filmmakers. Featuring films from SJ.Ramir, Gavin Hipkins, Colin Hodson and Tom O’Halloran.

50 minutes

No Place to Rest 2012


This latest video from Australia-based SJ.Ramir, leads us on a tentative journey down a deserted gravel road into a shadowy, metaphysical world.

The Dam (O) 2013


Gavin Hipkins’ film observes the forgotten, portentous terrain of the rugged Waitakere Ranges as a man wanders physically and psychologically around an old system of dams built in the 20s.

Rider 2013


In Colin Hodson’s frenetic short it isn’t the churning surf that threatens a young windsurfer who takes to the waves for the first time.

One Way to the Sea 2013


Tom O’Halloran’s Christchurch-shot, silent Super 8 film posits a dystopian nightmare in the earthquake-struck city. Featuring a man enslaved to a depressingly quotidian routine who is haunted by dark and disturbing images, O’Halloran’s film combines the malevolent and the mundane in a style reminiscent of the early works of David Lynch.