Screened as part of NZIFF 2012

Young Gun in the Time 2012

Yeong-geon tam-jeong-sa-mu-so

Directed by Oh Young-doo

A far-out double feature from the Far East. Body horror from Japan (Henge) plus a hapless one-handed Korean detective on the search for a unique timepiece that may or may not be able to alter time itself (Young Gun in the Time).

Japan / South Korea In Korean with English subtitles
95 minutes HDCAM

Director, Screenplay


Jang Yoon-jung
Yamaguchi Yukihiko
Iwasaki Nonoka
Hayashi Kaizo


Kim Yoon-chang


Hong Young-guen
Choi Song-hyun
Ha Eun-jung

A Korean time-travel thriller about a one‑handed detective whose fiscal troubles (matched by his dress sense: Hawaiian shirt, trilby, tie) force him to take any assignment on offer. A beautiful scientist requests he find a unique wristwatch and dispose of its owner. Entertaining, funny and highly imaginative, this slice of science fiction noir is all the more remarkable for being created for under $30,000. — AT

Screening with Henge.