Screened as part of NZIFF 2012

The King of Pigs 2011

Dae gi eui wang

Directed by Yeun Sang-ho

Adults-only anime from Korea immerses us in a world of bullying at school – and after. “Mightily provocative in its representation of human debasement, this satire on class inequality burns like acid.” — Hollywood Reporter

Korea In Korean with English subtitles
97 minutes HDCAM

Director, Screenplay


Cho Young-kag


Yeun Sang-ho
Lee Yeun-jeong


Eom Bean


Yang Ik-june (adult Jung Jong-suk)
Oh Jung-se (adult Hwang Kyung-min)
Kim Hye-na (Kim Chul-yi)
Park Hee-bon (young Hwang Kyung-min)
Kim Kkobbi (young Jung Jong-suk)


Cannes (Directors’ Fortnight), Sydney 2012


Animation for adults only, Yeun Sang-ho’s violent low-budget anime about bullying and the hierarchies of class marks a bold departure for Korean animation. Kyung-min, a virtually bankrupt businessman and journalist Jong-suk recall their school days 15 years earlier and immerse us in the world of bullying that shaped them.

“A shocking tale of teen violence that’s as allegorical in its animalistic imagery as Lord of the Flies and Shohei Imamura’s works, The King of Pigs announces the arrival of a raw, dark, adult-oriented genre of independent animation in Korea… So far, Japanese manga and film arguably cornered the market on school bullying, but Yeun Sang-ho’s screenplay-direction stands out by situating it within the particulars of Korean society. Ugly, pitiless, and mightily provocative in its representation of human debasement, his satire on class inequality burns like acid.” — Maggie Lee, Hollywood Reporter