Screened as part of NZIFF 2012

Sleepless Night 2011

Nuit blanche

Directed by Frédéric Jardin

Quick-witted undercover cop thriller set in a vast Paris nightclub. “With this tightly paced nail-biter, director Frédéric Jardin has made a film that’s surpassed its US counterparts by a country kilometer.” — Time Out NY

France In French with English subtitles
98 minutes


Marco Cherqui
Lauranne Bourrachot


Frédéric Jardin
Nicolas Saada
Olivier Douyère


Tom Stern


Christophe Pinel

Production designer

Hubert Pouille

Costume designer

Uli Simon


Christian Monheim


Nicolas Errera


Tomer Sisley (Vincent)
Julien Boisselier (Lacombe)
Joey Starr (Feydek)
Serge Riaboukine (Marciano)
Laurent Stocker (Manuel)
Lizzie Brocheré (Vignali)
Samy Seghir (Thomas)
Birol Ünel (Yilmaz)
Dominique Bettenfeld (Alex)
Adel Bencherif (Abel)


Toronto 2011
Tribeca 2012

The latest French thriller to be handed the dubious compliment of a US remake, Sleepless Night makes deft play with an intricate set of double crosses and unleashes a torrent of action through the restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, passageways and dance floors of a vast Parisian nightclub. To begin to describe the plot is to begin to throw out spoilers. Let’s just say a bent cop finds himself on the wrong side of a Corsican drug lord; a blameless teenager is held to ransom; and things become fatally complicated when the undercover squad moves in. — BG

“This French police thriller abounds in post-Woo/Tarantino action tropes… But Frédéric Jardin also brings a restless intelligence and disciplined glee to Sleepless Night that far surpasses its cinematic influences… Its bruising slapstick… multiple mistaken identities (and ethnicities), and well-developed characters accumulate into something uncommonly human for a shoot-‘em-up.” — Mark Holcomb, Village Voice