Screened as part of NZIFF 2012

Planet of Snail 2011

Directed by Seung-Jun Yi

Top prize winner at the Amsterdam Doc Festival, this exquisite Korean film follows the daily routine of a deaf-blind man and his tiny wife. “Cinematic love stories don’t come more convincing or singular than this.” — Village Voice

Finland / Japan / Korea In Korean with English subtitles
87 minutes DigiBeta

Director, Photography


Kim Min-chul
Gary Kam


Simon El Habre
Yi Seung-jun


Min Seong-ki




Amsterdam Documentary 2011
Tribeca 2012


Best Documentary, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2011


The exquisitely gentle Planet of Snail, top prize winner at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival, finds the inspirational in the everyday. This patient, immersive and appropriately tactile film follows the daily routine of a deaf-blind man, Cho Young-chan, who lives in a small Korean town with his tiny wife, Soon-ho. Despite his dependence on his ‘shadow friend’, he lives a life of quiet determination and considerable accomplishment, studying Hebrew, writing poetry, making sculptures, and scripting a play to be performed by a bunch of his blind friends at the local church. Lesser tasks prove more demanding: diminutive Soon-ho and blind Young-chan have to work together in order to change a fluorescent bulb in their bedroom. Their relationship is so smooth and symbiotic that friends and colleagues are concerned that Young-chan might be losing his independence, and promote a forced separation to prove his ability to survive on his own. Director Yi Seung-jun follows their triumphs and disappointments with a wonderful intimacy that matches that of the central couple.