Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

Tyrannosaur 2011

Directed by Paddy Considine

Drawing riveting performances from Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman, actor Paddy Considine makes a directorial debut that will reward any viewer willing to share his unblinking gaze into the hearts of two violently damaged protagonists.

UK In English
91 minutes CinemaScope

Director, Screenplay


Diarmid Scrimshaw


Erik Wilson


Pia di Ciaula

Production designer

Simon Rogers

Costume designer

Lance Milligan


Chris Baldwin
Dan Baker


Peter Mullan (Joseph)
Olivia Colman (Hannah)
Eddie Marsan (James)
Ned Dennehy (Tommy)
Sally Carman (Marie)
Samuel Bottomley (Samuel)
Paul Popplewell (Bod)
Sian Breckin (Kelly)


Sundance, Rotterdam, New Directors/New Films 2011


Directing Award (World Cinema Dramatic), Sundance Film Festival 2011


Joseph (Mullan) is a cynical, seething mess of anger and drink, drawn, for reasons we can only dread, to Hannah (Colman). A nun-like thrift-shop worker, she deflects his abusive overtures with kindness. He will not have a bar of her charity, but, while events transpire which confirm his brutal view of the world, he learns that there’s more to Hannah’s grasp on faith and hope than mindless piety. — BG

“What’s surprising is how warm Tyrannosaur feels despite its bleakness; even a mid-film funeral scene is surprisingly full of life. Both Mullan and Eddie Marsan are expectedly stellar, but it’s Colman, a performer better known for TV comedies, who gives the film its deeply moving soul.” — Keith Uhlich, Time Out NY