Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

The Innkeepers 2011

Directed by Ti West

From the creator of the stunning The House of the Devil comes a devilishly spooky show set in the last days of a run-down inn that many believe to be one of New England’s most haunted hotels.

USA In English
102 minutes HDCAM

Director, Screenplay, Editor


Peter Phok
Derek Curl
Larry Fessenden
Ti West


Eliot Rockett

Production designer

Jade Healy

Costume designer

Elisabeth Vastola


Jeff Grace


Sara Paxton (Claire)
Pat Healy (Luke)
Kelly McGillis (Leanne Rease-Jones)
George Riddle (old man)
Alison Bartlett (Gayle, the angry mom)
Jake Schlueter (young boy)
Lena Dunham (barista)


SXSW 2011


The House of the Devil was director Ti West’s note-perfect homage to the great horror films of the 80s. Inspired by the creepy inn he and his crew stayed in, West returned and shot this, his latest horror film to eschew contemporary visceral thrills in favour of slow-burning dread. A soon-to-be-shut-down inn has a staff of two slacker 20-somethings who share a love of the paranormal – exceedingly cute tomboy Claire and sarcastic hipster Luke. With nearly all the rooms vacant, Claire and Luke spend most of their time scouring the notoriously creepy inn for any signs of supernatural activity. When an ageing actress-cum-spiritualist turns up, the film ramps up into familiar spooky territory. Refreshingly free of referential nods to modern horror, this beautifully observed character piece harks back to the charms of the 50s B-horrors, and only in its last act does it really start to freak you out. — AT