Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

Point Blank 2010

À bout portant

Directed by Fred Cavayé

This tense, exhilarating chase thriller takes you on a breakneck rush through the streets and subways of Paris. “One hell of an adrenalin rush… it’s something any fan of the genre needs to see.” — Twitch

France In French with English subtitles
85 minutes CinemaScope



Cyril Colbeau-Justin
Jean-Baptiste Dupont


Fred Cavayé
Guillaume Lemans


Alain Duplantier


Benjamin Weill


Klaus Badelt


Gilles Lellouche (Samuel Pierret)
Roschdy Zem (Hugo Sartet)
Gérard Lanvin (Commandant Patrick Werner)
Elena Anaya (Nadia Pierret)
Mireille Perrier (Commandant Fabre)
Claire Perot (Captain Anaïs Susini)
Moussa Maaskri (Captain Vogel)
Pierre Benoist (Captain Mercier)
Valérie Dashwood (Captain Moreau)
Virgile Bramly (Captain Mansart)


Cutting a swathe through a maze of Paris streets and subways, Point Blank is an exhilarating throwback to an era in pulp action when you could see, from one shot to the next, what the hell was going on. Beginning with a night-time pursuit that crashes into an expertly staged accident, it bolts along at breakneck speed, terse and taut enough to hold the tension level at red alert. Samuel (virile Gilles Lellouche) is a nurse whose very pregnant Spanish wife, Nadia (radiant Elena Anaya), is confined to bedrest. She and the unborn are destined (obviously) to be in grave danger, and their peril begins the moment Samuel is charged with the care of the desperate gunman wounded in the opening chase. The man of peace becomes the man of action, figuring out as he careens around Paris which side of the law he’s up against. If he’d seen the same thrillers as everyone else he’d already know: nuance isn’t this movie’s claim to fame, but it sure as heck knows how to move. — BG