Screened as part of NZIFF 2011

Kill List 2011

Directed by Ben Wheatley

Get Carter meets The Wicker Man. “A brilliantly constructed horror-drama that is put together in such a way that its grim twists surprise and engage.” — Screendaily

UK In English
90 minutes



Claire Jones
Andy Starke


Amy Jump
Ben Wheatley


Laurie Rose


Robin Hill
Ben Wheatley
Amy Jump

Production designer

David Butterworth

Art director

Julie Ann Horan

Costume designer

Lance Milligan


Jim Williams


Neil Maskell (Jay)
Michael Smiley (Gal)
MyAnna Buring (Shel)
Emma Fryer (Fiona)


SXSW 2011


Ben Wheatley’s quasi-vérité UK horror-thriller starts off in Mike Leigh territory, with a cringe-inducing dinner party, before spiralling into a world of paranoid pagan terrors. Unemployed ex-soldier Jay and his Swedish wife Shel are on shaky ground with money woes and a marriage that’s unravelling. When Jay’s cheerful war buddy Gal and his new girlfriend Emma turn up, the wine-fuelled celebration turns downright nasty as Jay’s ever-simmering temper erupts. Later on, Gal lures Jay back into their murky past life with promises of a big payout for a few dodgy missions. On one of these missions Jay discovers something so depraved he switches from work-for-hire guy to vicious moral avenger. The film delicately shifts in tone from a kitchen sink melodrama to a funny buddy movie, to an edge-of-your-seat horror film in its final reel. A masterful assured second feature from one of the most exciting new genre directors working today. — AT