Ticket to Paradise (image 1)

A Thai woman's path to success begins in the sex bars of Pattaya.

Screened as part of NZIFF 2009

Ticket to Paradise 2008

Fra Thy til Thailand

Directed by Janus Metz

This lively doco portrait of a marriage broker in a small Thai village challenges PC prejudices about arranged marriages in which emotional comfort is frankly bartered for economic security.

Denmark In Danish, English and Thai with English subtitles
59 minutes DigiBeta



Jesper Jack
Henrik Veileborg


Janus Metz
Sine Plambech


Lars Skree
Henrik Bohn Ipsen


Marion Tuor


Uno Helmersson


Basit & Frank


Amsterdam Documentary 2008; SXSW 2009


In a small village in the north east of Thailand there are two kinds of families: those who have a daughter married to a Dane, and those who don't. The first mentioned live in concrete buildings, the latter in small wooden cottages. The follow-up to Love on Delivery follows marriage broker Sommai and her niece Kae back to Thailand, where Sommai is surrounded by young girls who dream of escaping from the village. Sommai advises experience first. The place for that is Pattaya where Sommai started out. Her veiled encouragement to enter the sex trade may startle some, but for the women in the film it seems a way to take control of their lives and, with any luck, encounter a man who can offer financial security for themselves and their families. Such a beginning led Sommai to achieve fine things for her community, of which she is justly proud. The harmonious, transformative relationships we see arising from these love-for-sale arrangements quietly challenge pc notions about First-World exploitation of Third-World disadvantage. — SR