Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

Somers Town 2008

Directed by Shane Meadows

From the director and star of This Is England, the comic exploits of two teenage boys adrift in London. Best New British Feature, Edinburgh Film Festival 2008. "I had a perma-grin from beginning to end." — Premiere

UK In English, French and Polish with English subtitles
71 minutes 35mm / Colour and B&W



Paul Fraser


Natasha Braier


Richard Graham


Gavin Clarke


Thomas Turgoose
Kate Dickie
Piotr Jagiello
Ireneusz Czop
Perry Benson
Elisa Lasowski


Berlin, Tribeca 2008


Director Shane Meadows sketches with a gentle hand the unlikely friendship between two teenage boys adrift in London. Tomo has fled a grim life in Nottingham. Marek is the son of a hard-working, hard-partying Polish construction worker. "Shane Meadows takes his first onscreen trip to London in his endearingly funny, deceptively minimal working-class dramedy. Having introduced audiences to the easy, rabble-rousing naturalism of little Thomas Turgoose in last year's This Is England, Meadows again casts the now teenaged towhead - strangely comfortable in these awkward adolescent years - to shoulder the story's weight... Written by Meadows' frequent collaborator Paul Fraser and shot almost entirely in black-and-white DV so crisp that its wistfulness feels more modern than nostalgic, Somers Town is, in its meager ambitions, warm and spacious and just about perfect. I had a perma-grin from beginning to end." — Aaron Hills, Premiere