Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

Last of the Living 2008

Directed by Logan McMillan

This ingeniously infectious Kiwi riff on Shaun of the Dead sees three bickering layabouts enlisted in a risky scheme to save the world from a zombie apocalypse.

87 minutes DigiBeta

Director, Producer, Screenplay, Editor


Kirk Pflaum


Lucy Harvey


Dan Watson


Toby Ricketts


Kurt Preston
Ben Edwards
Wuckud MC
Logan McMillan


Morgan Williams
Ashleigh Southam
Robert Faith
Emily Paddon-Brown
Mark Hadlow
Carl Voss
Mark Hamilton

World Premiere

Regent on Worcester, 9 August 2008


New Zealand would seem to be the ideal place to ride out the end of the world, at least it is for the survivors in Last of the Living, a shameless zombie-comedy that unleashes a plague of flesh-munching undead onto the Garden City. Post-apocalyptic life is sweet for Christchurch’s only survivors, bickering friends Morgan and Ash and unreformed rock’n’roller Johnny. With their pick of well-appointed houses to occupy, free rein at the local Pak-N-Save and ample free time to play videogames or read a good book, life could be worse. In fact, aside from the odd zombie-related problems it’s the lack of dating opportunities that most irks our heroes. So when a beautiful young scientist shows up, they’re quickly enlisted into her risky scheme to save the world. The scenario provides ample opportunity for director Logan McMillan to showcase a dry Kiwi sense of humour and slick editing skills. This low budget riposte to the likes of Shaun of the Dead supplies infectious fun. — MM